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The Foundation Works is your source for effective foundation solutions, as we have been for thousands of others.

Providing Effective Foundation Solutions

At The Foundation Works, we offer simple, effective foundation repairs and retrofit services.

Due to the physical access restrictions to many foundations, some preventable issues tend to go unnoticed until they become more severe. We offer simple, effective solutions that protect your home and its foundation.

At last survey, 85% of homes within the greater Los Angeles area that had been “bolted” after the 1994 Northridge earthquake, were found to have sub-standard retrofit work. If your foundation retrofit is sub-standard, we will provide with you a prescription of correction to bring it to a more contemporary standard.

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The Foundation Works

Foundation Repair

When your foundation begins to fail, it’s easy to assume that the only solution is installing a new foundation. When you bring The Foundation Works on board, our #1 goal is to find the most effective solution without simultaneously overbuilding the repair; this requires expert judgement. Quite frankly, any company can call for a foundation replacement as doing so is more lucrative and requires less thought than detailing a precise repair solution. We have effectively repaired countless foundations that other companies had called for replacement of. We offer fast, honest, and thorough foundation repairs and incorporate our simple and effective solutions into your project.

Our remedial repair services include, but are not limited to, leveling, crack repair, framing work, inner and perimeter support enhancement, as well as custom spot repairs that vary from house to house.

The Foundation Works

Soft Story Retrofit

In past earthquakes, many multi-story buildings with weak and/or open front wall lines creating a “soft story” (i.e. buildings with tuck-under-parking) performed poorly and collapsed. Without proper strengthening, these vulnerable buildings may be subjected to structural failure during and/or after an earthquake.

The soft story division of our operation includes our own in-house engineering, construction, and stucco teams that focus exclusively on the needs of our soft story clientele.

The initial inspection, the multiple city inspections, deputy inspections, onsite tenants, administrative needs, vendor sequencing (concrete pumping, steel work, dumpsters, asbestos abatement, etc), and all other additional pieces required to take a soft story project from start to finish are all factored in to our successful soft story strategy.

The Foundation Works

Seismic Retrofitting

Seismic retrofitting is the process of adding additional hardware, plywood, and framing lumber to the foundation area of a building in a way that heightens its readiness and helps protect it during seismic activity.

If your house is built later than 1936, it almost certainly has some level of “bolting” in place from when it was first built. Standards have of course evolved tremendously since then (imagine the safety difference in a 1936 car compared to a current one!) and this is where seismic retrofitting (bolting) comes in.

The Foundation Works

Foundation Inspections

Our initial service starts with the performance of a detailed inspection in order to determine the condition of the foundation system. This involves a thorough inspection of not only the foundation area itself, but also the exterior perimeter and interior of the building as well.

By viewing a building from all three perspectives (interior, exterior, and underneath), we are able to achieve a level of certainty that allows us to then write a corrective prescription that is most appropriate to that particular building.

The Foundation Works

Foundation Replacement

There are times when despite any amount of creative solutions to foundation repair, a foundation is simply at the end of its service life. In such an instance, we will perform replacement of any failed portions of a foundation, including the concrete, brick or stone foundation in its entirety if needed, in order to help protect your home from loss during future seismic activity.

The Foundation Works

Inspections for Insurance Compliance

We also perform inspections to comply with insurance forms requesting “bolting status.” We are authorized to fill out the insurance company provided forms and if any work is needed to bring your home into compliance, we can perform that work as well.

The primary specifications of this work can be viewed directly via the City of Los Angeles website at www.ladbs.org. Even if you do not live in Los Angeles itself, most surrounding cities that we work in recognize the Los Angeles standards and typically accept them on all work we perform.

Additions, Remodels, and ADU Plans

In January of 2020 the state of California passed a bill allowing homeowners to add accessory and junior accessory dwelling units to their existing lots. This is a great way for homeowners to add more living space to their homes or generate income by renting out the finished space. Whether you are looking to do a garage conversion, remodel or add a free-standing addition to your home, you’ll need a professionally drafted plan. We offer full engineering plans for home remodels, additions and accessory dwelling units (ADU’s).

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