Home Foundation Repair & Soft Story Retrofit Services in Monrovia

Securing Your Home’s Foundation in Monrovia

Far too many homeowners in Monrovia are told that cracks in their home’s foundation mean that they need to install a new foundation. The Foundation Works, a top – rated home foundation repair company serving Southern California is here to dispel that myth. In the majority of cases, homeowners in Monrovia do not need to replace their foundation. Instead, they just need their home’s foundation repaired.

The home foundation repair experts at The Foundation Works have nearly two decades of experience in leveling, repairing cracks, securing framing work, enhancing inner and perimeter support, and providing custom spot repairs. The end result? Thousands of homeowners throughout Monrovia and surrounding communities have avoided costly foundation replacements. If you’v e found cracks in your home’s foundation, need leveling services, or want a second opinion about whether or nor you need a home foundation replacement, contact us today. We are here to protect you, your family, and your home, with expert home foundation repairs in Monrovia.

Apartment Complex Safety: Monrovia Soft Story Retrofitting

To protect your tenants, and your pocketbook from potentially severe earthquake damage, apartment owners in Monrovia need to be prepared. The Foundation Works provides top-rated soft story retrofitting throughout Monrovia and surrounding areas . With nearly two decades of experience in structurally securing apartment buildings, our team of expert technicians will oversee your soft story retrofit in Monrovia from start to finish; from managing city inspections, paperwork, administrative details, and assistance for tenants, our experienced soft story retrofit team makes the process as smooth as possible.

Our – in house team includes experts in engineering, construction, and stucco, to provide proper strengthening to vulnerable buildings in Monrovia . Our goal with each soft story retrofit project is to help prevent structural failure, all the while helping apartment owners to protect their investment as well. Please contact us today for a soft story retrofit consultation.

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