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Home Foundation Repairs for all of Los Angeles

As a homeowner in Los Angeles, you should never ignore symptoms of foundation weakness in your home. Unlevel floors, doors that stick, walls that seem to droop or sag, cracks in the exterior of your home, or cracking, dry, expansive soil around the base of your home, indicate that there may be a deficiency in your home’s foundation. If so, it’s time to contact The Foundation Works, LA’s premier home foundation repair company.

For more than 20 years, we’ve provided Los Angeles homeowners with comprehensive home foundation inspections, and performed thousands of foundation repairs. In fact, we’re proud to serve as a second opinion for Angelenos who have been told they need an entire foundation replacement. In countless cases, we have been able to repair problems, rather than replacing a home’s foundation. Contact us today for a Los Angeles home foundation inspection.

Los Angeles Apartment Soft Story Retrofitting

Soft story wood frame buildings are quite common throughout greater Los Angeles. From the valley to the coast, these soft story wood framed complexes are everywhere in LA but are also at great risk of sustaining tremendous damage from an earthquake; that’ s where we come in. At The Foundation Works, our soft story team will custom design a soft story retrofit plan for your apartment complex, seeing it through from beginning to end. We’ll oversee city inspections, manage workflow, and oversee vendor sequencing.

The Foundation Works is known for being on the forefront of seismic safety developments. We are proud to be regarded as the top soft story retrofitting company in Los Angeles, and we’re eager to help you protect your property from excessive damage. If you own a soft story apartment building in Los Angeles , contact our experts today to begin taking the proactive steps to help safeguard your investment.

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