Home Foundation Repair & Soft Story Retrofit for Marina del Rey Property Owners

Do I Need a Home Foundation Inspection in Marina del Rey?

How well your home holds up in an earthquake will be related to the integrity of your home’s foundation. If you notice signs of foundation weakness, such as uneven floors, cracks in the walls, sagging walls, or difficulty closing doors, it is wise to schedule a home foundation inspection soon.

Marina del Rey, like all areas of Southern California is at constant risk of potential seismic activity. To best safeguard your family, and your financial investment in your home, it’s necessary to ensure that your home’s foundation is secure. At The Foundation Works, our team of home foundation inspectors and repair technicians have earned glowing reviews and ratings for our accurate estimates, honest prescriptions for repairs, and for our successful completion of home foundation repairs. Contact us today to schedule a home foundation repair in Marina del Rey.

Protecting Your Marina del Rey Apartment with Soft Story Retrofitting

Wood framed buildings (also known as soft story wood framed buildings) are highly vulnerable to damage in an earthquake. If you own an apartment building in Marina del Rey, that was built before the current building codes, it is time to schedule a soft story retrofit consultation with the experts at The Foundation Works.

Wood framed buildings in Marina del Rey are at risk of collapsing during an earthquake, putting not only your tenants’ lives at risk, but also putting your financial investment at great risk. However, a soft story retrofit can reduce your risk by reinforcing and further securing your building to the ground below it. This is accomplished through erecting steel columns which are anchored to a subterranean steel and concrete design. From drafting of the engineering plans, to replacing any damaged stucco after completion, our team of experts at The Foundation Works is here to help safeguard your property with a custom soft story retrofit. Contact our team today with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

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