About The Foundation Works

Our History

Hello, my name is Tom Pelletier and I’m the founder and owner of The Foundation Works. I’d like to give you some of the back story on The Foundation Works so you can get an idea of what we’re about and how we do business.

For many years, I made my living as a home inspector. During that time, I inspected thousands of properties and their foundations. I found a disturbing trend… most of the foundations I inspected (85% by actual survey) had sub-standard bolting jobs. Overall, I found the foundation systems of the housing stock riddled with other low quality workmanship as well. I came to realize that the physical restrictions of customer access to the foundation area, coupled with a lack of skilled technical delivery happening in the industry, had led to an overall decreased standard of workmanship that had largely gone unchecked.

What this meant was that in an earthquake, many homeowners were subject to unnecessary damage to their homes. Out of that discovery, The Foundation Works was born.

The Foundation Works
The Foundation Works

Who We Are

I set out to hand pick a team of professionals, who as a group, could inspect, prescribe, and ultimately perform effective foundation solutions to the ever-aging home stock here in Southern California. The objective was simple: To help protect them from the worst case scenario, a total loss during an earthquake.

Our intent was and is to raise the standard of foundation improvements in the industry. To date, we have a 100% record with job completions in every city we work in, an almost unheard of statistic in the entirety of the construction industry.

We pride ourselves on our ability to perform a detailed specialty inspection of a foundation system. We bring the judgment needed to formulate honest, accurate repair prescriptions that eliminate the “worst offenses” or problems of an existing foundation system with the intent of extending its overall useful life.