La Canada/Flintridge Home Foundation Inspections, Repairs, and Soft Story Retrofit Services

Protecting Your Home in La Canada Flintridge: Home Foundation Repair

There is a misconception that problems in your home foundation mean that you’ll need to replace the whole foundation. The Foundation Works is here to tell you that more often than not, your La Canada Flintridge home’s foundation can be repaired instead of replaced. However, it is important that you act quickly if you notice signs of concern in your home’s foundation. After all, the foundation upon which your home is built will play a large role in keeping you and your family safe during an earthquake.

For nearly two decades, our team of experts at The Foundation Works have made thousands of homes safer. Beginning with a thorough home foundation inspection, we are then able to begin to immediately strengthen your home’s foundation through leveling, crack repairs, spot repairs, reinforcing inner and perimeter structures, and more. If you suspect damage to your home’s foundation, or if you’d like an inspection to confirm that your home is properly safeguarded in the event of the next earthquake, call our team of home foundation inspectors and repair technicians today.

Premiere La Canada Flintridge Soft Story Retrofitting Services

Older apartment buildings in earthquake prone areas including La Canada/Flintridge are vulnerable to serious damage from seismic activity. These type of wood framed apartment buildings have a noted history of partial collapse during large earthquakes, which is why many cities in greater Los Angeles have implemented soft story retrofit programs.

The goal of a soft story retrofit is to reduce structural deficiencies, by the most appropriate and feasible methods. That’s precisely where our soft story experts at The Foundation Works come in. Our in-house engineering, construction, and stucco teams are here to draft, design, and implement a soft story retrofit, to protect your tenants, and your investment. From beginning to end, you can count on the top-reviewed soft story retrofit team at The Foundation Works to answer all of your questions, oversee inspections , manage paperwork and vendor supply, and even assist your tenants during the process. If you own an older soft story building in La Canada/Flintridge, contact us today to learn more about our soft story retrofitting services.

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