Home Foundation Repair & Soft Story Retrofit Services in Altadena

Foundation Inspection and Repairs for Altadena Homeowners

How well your home weathers seismic activity will depend in large part on the integrity of your Altadena home’s foundation. That’s why it’s so important that you repair your home’s foundation if you notice signs of foundation weakness. Signs that your foundation may be compromised include uneven floors, cracks in the walls, sagging walls, and difficulty closing doors.

To help protect your family and your home, it’s vital that your home’s foundation is secure. At The Foundation Works, our home foundation inspectors and repair technicians have earned top reviews and ratings for our accurate inspection reports, recommendations for repairs, accurate estimates, and successful job completion. Contact us to schedule a home foundation inspection and repair in Altadena today .

Altadena Apartment Safety: Soft Story Retrofitting Services

To help protect your Altadena apartment building from severe earthquake damage, apartment owners should be proactive about safety; That’s where we come in. The Foundation Works provides top-rated soft story retrofitting for wood framed apartment buildings in Altadena. With decades of experience securing apartment buildings, our team will oversee your soft story retrofit in Altadena from start to finish. We will oversee city inspections, manage paperwork, provide administrative details, and offer assistance for tenants, in an effort to make the soft story retrofit project as streamlined as possible.

The Foundation Works’  in-house engineering, construction, and stucco teams work collaboratively with you to provide proper strengthening to your building in Altadena. Our primary goal is to help safeguard against structural failure, thereby helping apartment owners in Altadena to protect their tenants and their investment. Contact us for a soft story retrofit consultation today.

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