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Premier Home Foundation Repair in Beverly Hills

The Foundation Works is regarded as the best home foundation repair company in Southern California. With a 100% job completion rate, countless top-reviews, and endorsements from numerous associations, The Foundation Works is here to provide expert home foundation inspections and repairs in Beverly Hills.

Maintaining the integrity of your home’s foundation is crucial due to the constant seismic activity in greater Los Angeles. At the Foundation Works, we are here to help you in your proactive efforts. When you engage our services, our team will thoroughly inspect and accurately assess your home’s foundation, providing you a summary of prescribed repairs. In the majority of cases, spot repairs, reinforcement of inner and perimeter supports, crack repairs, and leveling services will be sufficient. In rare cases, a partial or even complete foundation replacement may be required. However, at The Foundation Works, we are proud to have repaired countless foundations, that other companies had recommended replacing. Indeed, all home foundation repairs are performed with one goal in mind: to help keep you and your family safe from unnecessary damage in the event of an earthquake. To schedule a foundation inspection, or to request a second opinion if you’ve been advised to replace your entire foundation, contact our friendly team today.

Do I Need a Soft Story Retrofit for My Property in Beverly Hills?

Older properties in Beverly Hills, with weak or open front wall lines are known for performing poorly during an earthquake. This is why owners of older wood frame buildings in Beverly Hills should consider soft story retrofitting services from the team of experts at The Foundation Works. Our soft story department at The Foundation Works includes in-house engineering, construction, and stucco teams, to protect your investment and your tenants.

The Foundation Works has years of experience securing vulnerable apartment complexes to withstand seismic activity in Beverly Hills and throughout Los Angeles. From start to finish, we take responsibility for managing the project, including city inspections, vendor sequencing, and administrative needs, so that your project is completed with as little disruption to your tenants’ lives as possible. Contact our top-rated soft story retrofit team today to schedule a consultation.

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