Top Reviewed Pasadena Home Foundation Repair & Soft Story Retrofit

Expert Home Foundation Inspections and Repairs in Pasadena

Your home is your sanctuary, so it should be as safe as possible for you and your family. Unfortunately, damage to your home ’s foundation can put you and your family at risk in the event of an earthquake. Some warning signs that your home’s foundation isn’t as secure as it could be include: visible cracks in the foundation or the walls, unlevel floors, sagging walls, or doors that no longer close properly due to misalignment. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Pasadena’s top home foundation inspection and repair company, The Foundation Works.

For nearly two decades, the experts at The Foundation Works have made it our goal to protect families from unnecessary risk, and damage to their home, by protecting and repairing home foundations. Our services range from leveling, to reinforcing support, to crack repair, or if necessary, a partial or full foundation replacement. Our reputation for excellence stems from our 100% completion rate, our accurate estimates, and from completing our projects on time. We would love to help you protect your family and your investment. Contact us today to schedule a home foundation inspection, which will include our prescribed recommendations for any necessary repairs.

Soft Story Retrofitting Services for Pasadena Apartment Buildings

Older wood-framed apartment buildings in Pasadena are at increased risk of serious damage from seismic activity. Unfortunately, in the event of an earthquake, soft story apartment buildings are more likely to experience the collapse of floors than other types of buildings. That’s why it is so important for apartment owners to reinforce their properties with a soft story retrofit.

The Foundation Works has successfully provided soft story retrofit services throughout Pasadena and surrounding communities for years. With our own in-house engineering, construction, and stucco teams, we manage your project from start to finish, including assisting your tenants during the process. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation to begin the process of safeguarding your tenants, your property, and your investment in Pasadena

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