Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an inspection fee?

On an owner occupied single family residence, there is no inspection fee. Beyond that, properties in or going into escrow, insurance inspections, and investment properties do have inspection fees and vary accordingly.

How long does it take to receive an inspection report?

After your inspection, you will receive a ‘Summary of Findings’ typically within 24-48 hours.

Do you do foundations for new construction?

While we certainly have the expertise to create foundations for new construction, our specialty and focus is on preexisting dated housing stock needing to be improved and/or brought closer to current standards.

Do you guys do drainage?

Although drainage is a very important component to protecting the foundation system, it is yet a full separate trade and accordingly we refer any needed drainage work to drainage specialty firms.

Do you work on retaining walls?

We limit the scope of our service offerings to the foundation system of the habitable dwelling itself. For this reason, we do not offer hardscaping or retaining wall work unless it is within the footprint of the home or residential structure itself.

Do you provide estimates for the repairs in the report?

Yes, after your inspection we will send you your ‘Summary of Findings’ along with a bid for the work. There are sometimes instances where a foundation system is not fully accessible or visible, and in those cases, we will provide written bids for the accessible portions only. Once access has been created, we will provide additional costing for any new discoveries.

Do you provide engineering plans?

Many projects require engineering plans and for this reason, and on a case by case basis, a full set of plans will be included in the project.

Do you inspect concrete slab foundations?

While we certainly have the expertise to work on concrete slab foundations, our specialty and focus is on raised foundations. This of course varies on a case by case basis. Truly the only way to perform a thorough slab inspection is if all finished flooring is removed so the bare concrete slab is visible.

Do you inspect hillside properties?

Yes, we inspect and work on hillside properties, and like any other properties, they are taken on a case by case basis.

I had an inspection done in the past and I am ready to begin the work. Is the report still valid or do I need another inspection?

Our reports are valid for 45 days from the date of issue. With that said we look at projects on a case by case basis. Barring any significant change having been done to the property, a reinspection is typically not necessary.

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