Earthquake Brace + Bolt FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Foundation Works adhere to all guidelines and deadlines as stated by the Earthquake Brace and Bolt (EBB) program?

Yes, we have assisted hundreds of our clients through the EBB process from start to finish. We are well versed in the requirements of FEMA and CRMP funding so that you can receive your rebate. We are one of the few companies that help their customers through this process.

Can The Foundation Works take care of all the EBB admin details so I can receive my rebate?

Yes, once you give us your EBB login credentials or add us to your EBB dashboard we’ll take care of all the requested items (i.e. upload before and after pictures, permits, receipts) on your behalf.

Does The Foundation Works have general liability and workman’s comp insurance?

Yes, feel free to contact Roselyn at and she can provide that information to you.

Will The Foundation Works obtain the building permit and upload it to my dashboard?

Yes, our permit and engineering departments will obtain your permit and upload it onto your EBB dashboard in a timely manner.

Does The Foundation Works have a list of customer references for us to call?

We do not currently have a list of past customer references but we do encourage all our clients to read our reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List and on the Earthquake Brace and Bolt website. However, once you meet with your inspector, he may be able to provide you with past customer references.

How does the payment process work with the EBB rebate program?

Payments are due per the contract agreement. Once the job is complete and the final inspection is passed, all required documents are uploaded to your dashboard and are submitted to Earthquake Brace and Bolt program. You will then receive your rebate check within 3-4 weeks.

Once I have chosen The Foundation Works to be my contractor, if I have questions about the EBB program or my project, should I contact The Foundation Works or EBB?

You should always reach out to The Foundation Works first to clarify any questions, concerns or discrepancies that you may have. Be mindful that when a customer calls EBB about clarification that we are currently working on with EBB, it can cause confusion and a delay in the process.

What are the next steps to get started?

To get started, we will need your signed contract and deposit. Please contact Roselyn in our scheduling department at and she will get you going on the process.

What happens after The Foundation Works completes the project?

We will schedule the final inspection with the city, once the work is signed off and the final payment has been made, our EBB administrator will upload all necessary documents (i.e. signed off permit, after photos, receipts with the breakdown) so that you can receive your rebate in a timely manner.

What are the EBB deadlines?

Upon acceptance, you, the homeowner, have 90 days to find a contractor and upload the required documents. From there, the retrofit must be completed within 6 months of the approval date. You can find more information on the EBB website.

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