The value of your home rests on your foundation.
The Foundation Works is your source for effective foundation solutions, as we have been for thousands of others.
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Foundation Inspections
Our services begin with a detailed inspection in order to determine the condition of your foundation. This involves a thorough inspection of not only the foundation itself, but also the exterior perimeter and interior of the building as well.
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Soft Story Retrofits
Without proper strengthening, soft story buildings may be subjected to structural failure during and/or after an earthquake. Our in-house engineering, soft story, and stucco departments will guide your retrofit project through from start to finish.
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Seismic Retrofitting
Seismic retrofitting is the process of adding additional hardware, plywood, and framing lumber to the foundation area of a building in a way that heightens its readiness and helps protect it during seismic activity.
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Foundation Repair
We are known throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area for our honest, fast, and thorough foundation inspections and improvements.
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We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent.
The Foundation Works is here to serve. We set out to raise the standard of an industry sorely in need of it and are creating that effect at an ever-increasing rate!
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Foundation Replacement
There are times when a foundation is simply at the end of its service life; in that instance, our team will perform a replacement or creation of a sister foundation that protects your home and its value.
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Welcome to The Foundation Works

We have the skilled technical expertise to find and solve all of your foundation issues.

Foundations are very much like people in that the basics of how they are put together are pretty similar one to the next, But each has its own peculiarities and, as they age, each requires a different level of repair!

We are known throughout the Greater Los Angeles area for honest, fast, and thorough foundation inspections and improvements. We dedicate our time and energy to the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones.

The Foundation Works

Unlevel Floors

Floors and walls that sag are an indication that the support system underneath them – your foundation – may be weak or failing.

The Foundation Works

Sticking Doors

Problems with opening your windows or doors could be caused by the settling or shifting of your foundation.
The Foundation Works

Cracking Walls

One of the telltale signs of foundation issues is cracking of the walls, particularly adjacent to windows and doors.

The Foundation Works

Expansive Soil

Soil that is saturated and then dries, in a never-ending cycle, is about the worst thing to allow to happen adjacent to your footings.

The Foundation Works

Earthquake Preparedness

Just as safety features in the auto industry keep evolving, so too do seismic preparedness standards for your home.
The Foundation Works

General Concerns

Worrying about your foundation can cause some sleepless nights BUT maybe it may not be as bad as you may think!

We provide effective foundation solutions.

Hosts Robert Parks-Valletta and Olivia Jordan look into Southern California’s premier foundation repair and improvement company, The Foundation Works.

“Nothing is more important for your home than its foundation. And there’s nobody better to tell us about it than the team at Foundation Works.”

Vulnerable Apartment Buildings: The Soft Story Problem

The City of Los Angeles recently passed Ordinance 183893. Because it requires most pre-1978 wood-frame Soft-Story buildings and non-ductile concrete buildings to be seismically retrofitted.

Without proper strengthening, these vulnerable buildings may be subjected to structural failure during and after an earthquake.

The Foundation Works has our own Engineering Dept. and multiple teams dedicated to your Soft Story retrofit projects including our own in-house stucco repair team.

What Our Customers Say

We have the skilled technical expertise to handle any of your foundation problems


The day of the inspection, we will answer your questions enough to satisfy and alleviate any concerns. We then e-mail you the results of the inspection the following day in the form of a narrative called the “Summary of Findings.”


Our foundation repairs include spot treatment of the foundation itself. Any structural issues within the full foundation system, floor leveling. soft-story retrofit, seismic improvements as well as additions and partial or full replacement if warranted.

Foundation Replacement

There are times when a foundation is simply at the end of its service life. In that instance, we will perform replacement or creation of a sister foundation. Including the concrete, stone, or masonry foundation in its entirety if needed.

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Earthquake Preparedness

We perform full seismic retrofitting (“house bolting”) to current standards. We also perform corrections of incorrectly performed or antiquated bolting jobs in order to help protect those homes from future seismic activity.

Additions, Remodels, and ADU Plans

Are you looking to do a garage conversion, remodel or add a free-standing addition to your home? You’ll need a professionally drafted plan. We offer full engineering plans for home remodels, additions and accessory dwelling units (ADU’s).

About The Foundation Works

Hello, my name is Tom Pelletier and I’m the founder and owner of The Foundation Works.

For many years, I made my living as a home inspector. During that time, I inspected thousands of properties and their foundations. I found a disturbing trend… most of the foundations I inspected (85% by actual survey) had sub-standard bolting jobs.

So I found the foundation systems of the housing stock riddled with other low-quality workmanship as well. As I came to realize that the physical restrictions of customer access to the foundation area. Coupled with a lack of skilled technical delivery happening in the industry, had led to an overall decreased standard of workmanship that had largely gone unchecked. Out of that discovery, The Foundation Works was born.

The Foundation Works

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