Expert Home Foundation Repair & Soft Story Retrofitting in Azusa/Glendora

Home Foundation Repairs to Safeguard Your Home in Azusa/Glendora

Keeping your family safe is the top priority for homeowners in Azusa/Glendora. In order to help properly protect your family, it is wise to ensure that your home’s foundation is free from cracks, or structural insufficiencies. That’s why The Foundation Works exists — to protect you and your loved ones from unnecessary damage and risk caused by seismic activity.

Some clues that your home’s foundation may not be as secure as it should be, come in the form of cracks in the foundation, cracks in the walls, walls which seem to sag or droop, unlevel floors, and doors which won’t open and close as easily as they once did. Fortunately, most of the time, these foundation problems can be remedied with limited areas of expert repair services, rather than a foundation replacement. In fact, at The Foundation Works, we have a proven track record of repairing home foundations, even after other companies have recommended a full replacement. The first step in knowing your home’s risk for instability, is scheduling a home foundation inspection. Our team will provide you with a detailed report, and our recommended repairs, so that you can be on your way to greater peace of mind. To learn more, to ask questions, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today

Should I Consider a Soft Story Retrofit on My Building in Azusa/Glendora?

If you own an older wood framed building, which is deemed to be soft story wood framed building in the Azusa/Glendora region, it is time to begin the process of better securing that building. This is because these older soft story buildings are prone to extreme damage during an earthquake, putting your tenants and your pocketbook at potential risk.

A soft story retrofit from The Foundation Works is a complete start – to – finish service. Our expert engineering, construction, and stucco teams handle the process from beginning to end, keeping you up to date on the status every step of the way. We handle inspections, perform the steel column work, and assist with tenant issues, to make the process as hassle-free and expedient as possible. If you own a soft story building in Azusa/Glendora, contact our team to begin taking steps toward safeguarding your tenants and your investment today.

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