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Does Your Alhambra Home Need Foundation Repairs?

Knowing that your Alhambra’s home foundation is free from damage leads to peace of mind. After all, the integrity of your home’s foundation is correlated with how well your home may weather an earthquake. This means that at the first sign of cracks in the foundation, cracks in the walls of your home, walls that appear to droop or sag, or floors that appear unlevel, it’s a good idea to have a home foundation inspection to accurately identify problems, and reinforce any weaknesses.

The Foundation Works is known for simple, effective home foundation repairs . Our honesty, accuracy, expediency , and affordability has made us a leader on the forefront of seismic safety in Southern California. As a top – reviewed Alhambra home foundation repair company, we’ve amassed many top reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. From spot treatment of repairs to full replacement, and everything in between, The Foundation Works offers full – service home foundation repair services for homeowners in Alhambra.

Does Your Apartment Building in Alhambra Need a Soft Story Retrofit ?

Older apartment buildings in Alhambra are frequently soft story wood frame construction, making them especially vulnerable to excessive damage from an earthquake. However, these types of apartments can be better protected with a soft story retrofit from The Foundation Works. 

Our in-house engineering and construction teams are here to help you protect your tenants, and your property. Our start-to-finish services include custom design, engineering, construction, and repairs to your property. Our top-rated team will secure the structure of your building to the ground below, often through erecting steel columns, which help protect the building during earthquakes. If you own a soft story apartment building in Alhambra, give us a call today to schedule a consultation with the soft story retrofit experts at The Foundation Works.

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