Best Home Foundation Repair & Soft Story Retrofit Services in Sunland - Tujunga

Do You Need to Repair Your Sunland - Tujunga Home’s Foundation?

Having a secure home foundation is priceless . After all, in the Sunland – Tujunga area and throughout surrounding communities, homes with less than secure foundations are prone to excessive and unnecessary damage to their home in the event of an earthquake. When it comes to protecting your family and your home, an ounce of prevention is worth the proverbial pound of cure.

At The Foundation Works, we are here to perform foundation inspections, and we offer top – quality home foundation repairs to homeowners in Sunland – Tujunga. From crack repairs, to leveling, our team of expert home foundation repair technicians are more often than not, able to repair your home’s foundation, instead of prescribing a replacement foundation. The Foundation Works is known for honesty, accuracy, expediency, and affordability when it comes time to repair your home’s foundation. As a top – reviewed Sunland – Tujunga home foundation repair company, we’ve amassed thousands of loyal, raving fans on sites such as Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. From spot treatment of the foundation itself, to repairs of structural issues within the full foundation system, to floor leveling, The Foundation Works offers a comprehensive suite of home foundation repair services for homeowners in Sunland – Tujunga. Contact us today to schedule an inspection

Soft Story Retrofitting: A Must Have in Sunland - Tujunga

Soft story wood frame buildings in Sunland – Tujunga are particularly vulnerable to damage from an earthquake. Older apartment buildings in particular, are at significant risk of collapsing floors, during an earthquake. Fortunately, as a top – reviewed soft story retrofit company, The Foundation Works is here to help.

Our team of experts is here to help protect not only your tenants, but also your investment, by providing expert soft story retrofitting services to apartment owners in Sunland – Tujunga. From start to finish, The Foundation Works will work with you to secure the structure of your building to the ground below, often through erecting steel columns , which perform well during earthquakes. We are proud to boast our own in – house engineering, construction , and stucco teams, which focus exclusively on assessing and meeting the needs of soft story building owners. Contact us today to schedule a soft story retrofit consultation in Sunland – Tujunga today.

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