Response to COVID-19

A message to our community from founder, Tom Pelletier

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Yes, The Foundation Works is open for business !

I know many of us are feeling understandable concern about COVID-19 and its impact on our lives and businesses. Here at The Foundation Works, we are still very much present, ready, and able to strategically provide our services despite the COVID-19 factor.

As our specialty is and always has been earthquake preparedness as our primary service offering, we feel blessed to be on the list of businesses that are approved at both state and federal levels to continue offering our services. The Foundation Works, in concert with the California Earthquake Authority, The Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program, and the Federal Emergency Management Authority, has taken all reasonable precautions to enable our operation to continue during these uncertain times.

While we are aware that many businesses have been ordered to close up shop, we feel very fortunate and grateful that we are not on that list. As our nearly 100 full-time positions here at TFW are still allowed to be performed, we are very much ready and able to perform your project (as of this writing).  It of course remains possible that further sanctions may be imposed and of course we will comply with any such changes, but we are ready and able to serve in the meantime and are of course desirous of keeping paychecks coming to the team that IS the company, the guys and girls who are our stars and deliver our services!

Our objective is to find the balance of keeping our staff and clients safe, while yet still carrying any commerce forward just as we would have done “pre-COVID-19”.

  • With the exception of a few people, our office staff is now working remote but is very much on-the-job.
  • Our crews work primarily UNDER the buildings, and they know to CALL clients to discuss job details by phone, even when they are literally under your house or in your driveway, to maintain social distancing principles.
  • For our soft-story jobs, our insurance regulations dictate that no public would be anywhere near the work site, so on those projects, “social distancing” has always been prudent, though the term itself had not existed.

The team at The Foundation Works has been serving the foundation needs of our customers for over 20 years, through good times and bad.  With that said, we are open for business and are of course taking precautions to protect you and our associates as we continue to work to meet your foundation needs. If you need to visit our corporate offices in Burbank, we are happy to assist you but we would also request that you please follow all CDC and other federal, state and local health authority guidelines, and in particular respect social distancing parameters and avoid such visits if you are feeling ill or symptomatic.

Our team is committed to helping you through this evolving situation by focusing on the thing that we do best, foundations.  We know that such is NOT going to be the highest priority for the majority of people, but we also know that some people may want their buildings secured / serviced at this time, prior to any regulations that may come that would take doing so off the table as an option. For more information on inspections or job scheduling, please contact our customer service line at (323) 663-4841 M-F, 9-6 pm or find us online at

Finally, and of highest priority, please be safe, lend a hand to others less fortunate, and let’s all use this surreal moment in time to bring out our compassion, our care for our fellow man, and to do our best to express integrity and decency on a higher than ever plane!

Always at your service-

The Foundation Works

Tom Pelletier

Founder, The Foundation Works