Common Issues

Unlevel and Sinking Floors

Common issues

Why are my floors sinking?

The Problem

A bit of floor slope can be viewed as a charming bit of character in an older home. There can come a point where the charm is surpassed by actual concerns in the foundation area.

Whereas not all sloping or unlevel flooring requires correction. Many do and they are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine what action, if any needs, to be taken.

The Foundation Works
The Foundation Works

The Cause

We find that the chief cause of the flooring slopes and imbalances is that of over-saturation of the soil beneath them. When a floor settles, it is simply following what is beneath it, the foundation. By correcting the foundation, the floor responds in kind.

The Foundation Works

The Solution

Since floor framing is almost always wooden, it does have a memory and as such. It carries an inherent desire by its nature to hold that memory by resisting being leveled out again. The sooner a sloped floor is addressed, the higher the likelihood of more favorable results.

When a client is hoping for a floor to be brought back to or towards level. we look at how it came to settle, and whether the process can be effectively reversed. Often times, the cause of the issue can be corrected. And the floor, even if still not level, can be expected to be stable in its newly oriented position. As well as being considerably closer to level after the repairs.

Are your floors sinking?
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