Common Issues

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Common issues

How do I know if my foundation needs to be improved?

The Problem

If you have the idea or have been told that your foundation has various issues, that can cause some sleepless night BUT maybe it is not as bad as you may think!

The Foundation Works
The Foundation Works

The Cause

Like anything, a foundation system ages and as it does, things age and wear, shift and crack, and generally tick out the clock on their useful life. The simplest analogy is that of a car, where it may be still going from point A to point B, and yet could stand a tuning to help it perform better and last longer. Further to that point, we see so many examples where a small and limited repair save a tremendous amount of issues that would have otherwise occurred.

The Foundation Works

The Solution

We pride ourselves on crawling a foundation, spotting the worst offenses, and designing a prescription that eliminates those weakest links and yet is NOT an exhaustive list of every possible repair that could be done. This is different for each building, and we consider it an art to get done what needs doing, but not cross the line into things that push across the border into overkill.

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