Common Issues

Earthquake Preparedness

Common issues

How can I better protect my home in the event of an earthquake?

The Problem

Nearly 85% of homes within various cities of Los Angeles county that have been “bolted” since the 1994 Northridge earthquake .

Therefore, only about 15% of the houses we inspect are properly and fully retrofitted.

The Foundation Works
The Foundation Works

The Cause

If your house is built later than 1936, it almost certainly has some level of “bolting” in place. From when it was first built. Standards have of course evolved tremendously.  Since then (imagine the lack of safety features in a 1936 car compared to a current one!). And this is where seismic retrofitting (bolting) comes in.

The Foundation Works

The Solution

We perform full seismic retrofitting (“house bolting”) to current standards. The exact specifications of this work can be viewed directly via the City of Los Angeles website at

We also perform corrections of incorrectly performed or antiquated bolting jobs to protect those homes from future earthquakes. If your foundation retrofit is sub-standard in some way, we will be able to provide you a recipe for correction to resolve that deficiency.  We will also help protect your home from loss in any future earthquakes.

Is your house properly retrofitted?
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