Sloping Floors

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sloping floor foundationSometimes it is obvious to the homeowner, that he, (or she), has a foundation issue and needs to get it repaired.   But there are also many times when the homeowner just isn’t sure if there is a problem or not.

For example, many homes, (especially older ones), have floors that begin to slope.  Now here, in the Los Angeles area, where so many homes are built on hills, this could prove to be quite critical, if indeed a foundation issue is causing the sloping floor.

Sloping floors are not always caused by a foundation problem.  Occasionally, a floor may begin to slant because of rotted sills or an inadequate deflecting support beam.   In the majority of cases, however,  the  foundation is the cause.

A lot of people just live with sloping floors thinking that this is just part of the process as the structure ages.   This is not a wise course to embark on.  Unhandled, sloping floors could lead to further structural issues by causing strain in other areas.

If you are concerned you have a problem with your foundation, give us a call and we will come out and look at it for you.   One of our highly trained inspectors will walk the interior and perimeter of your home.  Then, they will crawl under it, to make a complete evaluation of the condition of the foundation.

Why can’t we give you a quote over the phone?  It is just impossible to give a professional “diagnosis”, without an on-site inspection.  Even if you have had someone else inspect it, we definitely want to make our own analysis.  You wouldn’t phone your doctor and say, hey doc, last week I saw someone who said my rash was psoriasis, what do you think?  No doctor would agree with the diagnosis over the phone (we hope, that is), without personally examining you.

Think of us as your foundation “doctors”.  Our “exam” is very thorough, at the end of the inspection we provide you with a full report. If the foundation is healthy we will let you know. Also in many cases we find problems that can be fixed with a foundation “tune up”, without having to overhaul the whole foundation and no matter what we find there is no obligation to have us perform the repair.

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