It may be true that one termite can only eat so much, but if he and his troops are lunching on a main support girder that holds up your house, every bite is leading towards an eventual problem!

Here we see an example of this where a main support girder under a 1921 house has been hollowed out and the floor joists that are meant to rest on it are now crushing what is left of it. This of course translated through to the interior of the home in the form of sloping floors and growing plaster cracks in the walls.

Whereas we here at The Foundation Works are not providing the same service as a pest control company does, we are yet quite aware of the amount of damage that termites can do to a home if left unchecked.

As it is fairly an “out of sight and out of mind” issue, I wanted to send out a reminder that having a termite inspection performed on occasion is good “preventative care” for your home. Whereas we do not perform termite inspections, there are many companies that specialize in that line of work. Utilizing on-line resources such as Yelp and Angie’s List as well as asking your real estate agents and/or home inspectors for the best choices is a great place to start!

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