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Happy New Year

Author: The Editor

Foundation crawl spaceAs all of us and you roll right into a new year, resolutions should be plentiful. Traditionally, 1 January marks the ushering in of new resolve, the unearthing of past goals that have thus far eluded us, a chance to look forward, and overall it is a great time to decide the future rather than simply becoming a part of it.

Don’t forget to include your base of operation, your house, in this equation! That little opening in the side of your house leads to a whole other world and while it is right there underfoot every day, there may yet be things about it which you’d want to know. After crawling through 1000’s of these “underworlds”, we’re well honed in finding and eliminating the worst offenses in them, thereby extending the overall useful life of the foundation system as a whole. Your house will thank you!